The workplace is a naturally stressful environment. Especially for the entrepreneurs, who have to organize it all, arrange their meetings, solve the problems and stay motivational and full of energy. And, if it isn't addressed, this stress can have a very real (and negative) impact on the productivity and health.

In fact, stress has been linked to several physical problems. Some of these include:

  • Stomachache

  • Weakened immune system

  • High blood pressure

  • Headache

  • Hair loss

And, that’s not all - stress can cause problems with the employees, concentration, and productivity.

So, how do you combat this destructive force? That is, how can you defeat the negative consequences that come with a stressful work environment?

The good news is, it can be done. But, you must face the problem head on.

How? For those entrepreneurs with a busy work life, the thought of introducing yoga into an already full schedule seems impossible. With all the demands on your time, doing yoga simply does not compute.

But, what if we told you that should give it a shot? That participating in a session can actually make you more productive and efficient? It can even improve your work-life balance.

In fact, whether you are self-employed, a corporate mogul, a small business owner, or an employee, incorporating yoga into your work routine can yield tremendous benefits. This is true, no matter your gender, age, level of flexibility, or current health status.

Don't believe it? Check out 4 ways that yoga can improve productivity starting today.


Relieves physical aches and pains

If you are always in pain, it can negatively impact your productivity. No matter how many things you should manage to do during the day, constant pain guarantees that the last thing on your mind is job.

But, yoga can help. Not only does it relieve the tension in tight muscles, its breathing exercises can calm the mind when dealing with major pain. And, if yoga can help in these instances, imagine what it can do for carpal tunnel syndrome, neck strain, headaches, shoulder stiffness, arthritis, and other similar ailments.

Relieves stress

Another factor that may affect your productivity and health is emotional and mental stress. In fact, stress causes and magnifies the discomfort associated with ailments like allergies, colds, diabetes, headaches, heart disease, and cancer.

From a business standpoint, things are just as bad. The above ailments are the most common reasons that many people, both entrepreneurs and employees miss work. This results in decreased productivity, a fact that causes billions of dollars in lost revenue every year. These two points make it easy to see why a reduction in stress-related problems is very important for businesses and employees alike.

Increased focus and concentration

Endless meetings with clients, employees and general workplace drama create mental clutter. These types of insidious distractions make it hard for even the most focused person to concentrate on important tasks.

Yoga's breathing and meditation exercises help silence the mind and clear unwanted clutter. This results in entrepreneurs who are more alert, focused, and mindful.

Boosts creativity

Like we mentioned earlier, yoga helps improve focus and concentration. But, that's not all - it also opens up the mind so that creative energy can flow freely. In other words, it removes the mental clutter that prevents creatives from thinking outside the box.

Increases morale and positive mood

When entrepreneurs are emotionally, mentally, and physically fit (energetic, focused, creative, and self-confident), there are no limits on what they can accomplish.

All these factors combined lead to an increase in morale, which makes for a better results  in general - especially when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities, following the customer service, and interacting with the employees.


One more thing

There's no doubt that introducing yoga into the workplace is a great way to reduce your employee’s stress. And, to make this practice even more effective, check out the following tips:

  • Embrace the proper yoga wear: It’s hard to attain all the benefits of yoga if you practice in inappropriate clothing. Clothes that are too loose can bunch up in all the wrong places causing major discomfort. Likewise, clothing that’s too tight can be restrictive. To get the most out of your practice, choose comfortable tops and hot yoga pants that are snug fitting but loose enough to allow for plenty of movement. This will ensure that you can spend your session focusing on the important things, like the poses.

  • Yoga props are there to help you: It doesn't matter how bendy you are, yoga can be done by everyone. But, if you want to take your practice to the next level, consider using props like bolsters and straps and choosing right yoga mats.

Entrepreneur and employee stress is very real. To make it worse, it affects everyone - no matter which company you lead or work for. This is where yoga comes in. In fact, just ten minutes a day of practice can create happier and more productive employees - which is just good business sense. How can you beat that?

Author's Note:

This article was written by Emily Adams, a marketing specialist at YogiWear having a main focus on development and implementation of marketing ideas. Her primary talking points are yoga life, benefits of yoga, yogi lifestyle and yoga wear.