How I Find Love, Joy and Happiness in Business

By: Shelly Fink, Owner, Totalita

To me it’s truly all about the little things, and appreciating what you have, right now, not what “you might have”. True happiness and joy are about living in the moment, being excited about what the future holds and working hard towards my goals and dreams. They are a choice.
And in random order here are entries from my gratitude journal – that exemplify love, joy and

  1. Realizing it’s Friday…
  2. Feeling the sun of my face…
  3. And then changing into a sleeveless shirt….
  4. My children’s hugs before school, for no reason at all
  5. Having a great husband who I’ve been married to for almost 32 years…
  6. A great glass of wine before dinner
  7. A phone call from a friend for a lunch date
  8. Phone call from husband when travelling, every day…
  9. Fresh clean sheets
  10. Owning a business where my 3 children can work and learn
  11. Trying new tea samples…
  12. Finding out my favourite show’s new season is on Netflix
  13. Being at home…
  14. A new magazine
  15. An amazing new soap for my shower
  16. Ice-water
  17. Wearing perfume every day – just for myself.
  18. Little things my family does for me, like get the snow off my vehicle…
  19. The smell of fresh popcorn
  20. Real butter
  21. The mountains
  22. Listening to great music
  23. The smell of my daughter’s hair
  24. The thought of camping in the summer
  25. A fresh pedicure
  26. Summer fruit
  27. A fantastic movie on the big screen
  28. A great book
  29. Sitting around the campfire
  30. Seeing kindness in my children
  31. Fuzzy socks
  32. Thinking about and being thankful for an amazing father, who’s now gone..
  33. Sound of the rain
  34. Getting a massage
  35. Grape ice-cream
  36. Having a clean car
  37. Flavoured lip gloss
  38. A cold beer with a lime in it
  39. Hiking and exploring new places
  40. Spotify
  41. Best girlfriends who are sisters
  42. My children, who I thought I would never have
  43. Stretch in my jeans
  44. Super soft blankets
  45. Wearing flip flops
  46. Being in our boat on the water
  47. Fresh lemons
  48. Green olives
  49. Taking photos with my camera
  50. Any noodle dish

I could really go on and on forever, but the 50 things I listed plus a million more make up the bits and pieces that give me joy, happiness and love. The small things are what joy is all about.
Happiness really - is simply finding the joy in each passing second, remembering all the good from the past and looking with hope towards the future.

And to get love, GIVE Love.

About the Author

Shelley is the managing owner working alongside those children who work in the storefront setting and the warehouse. This coupled with her husband’s handiwork make TotaliTea truly a family-run venture. In her free time, Shelley loves camping, travelling as often as possible and photography. One of her favourite quotes reads: “All who wander are not lost”. Connect with Shelley at